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NAGI NO ASUKARA(A LULL IN THE SEA) this show is so pretty I fell in love with it on the first episode and soon realized the amount of feels this shit gave me omg the feels man no joke this show is ridiculous but it was good I loved it but the feels *sniffle sniffle* *sob* lol

Pathetic people make me laugh

so tired of the pathetic men who cant take responsibility for their own actions and blame others for all the things that go wrong in their lives its really fucking sad especially when everyone else knows the truth so keep lying to yourself keep pretending your the victim keep making it seem like your the good guy whatever lets you sleep at night but eventually all your gonna have is a handful of lies and a bunch of people who no longer believe you so go ahead throw me in the dirt kick me while i’m down but remember karma is a bitch and everything you say and do will come back to you smh why are some guys so stupid i swear they must be brain dead i think its the heat too much heat makes people really retarded 

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